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Our services are the difference between a building that harbors disease-causing pathogens—and one that actively fights against them.


Options designed to keep your occupants safe.

DBD Bipolar Ionization

Charged ions kill germs and remove dust from the air. With a 99.92% kill rate for a coronavirus in 30 minutes, dielectric barrier discharge bipolar ionization (DBD BPI) circulates ions indoors, continuously washing air and surfaces—and drastically reducing bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens and dust particles.

High Efficiency Filtration

While bipolar ionization keeps air throughout the building clean, high efficiency air filters also play an indispensable role, trapping and removing contaminants as they pass through the HVAC system.

Safe Occupant Entry Systems

We install tablets that use thermal imaging to check for fevers. Monitoring your employees and customers for high temperatures can help identify people who may be carrying COVID-19 and putting others at risk.

Antimicrobial Lighting

SpectraClean lighting uses 405 nanometer lightwaves to continuously disinfect air and surfaces. And because SpectraClean is harmless to humans, it’s safe to use in occupied spaces.

Antimicrobial Surfaces

From fixtures to countertops, standard surfaces require constant, thorough cleaning to kill microorganisms. Antimicrobial surfaces, such as copper, zinc or silver alloys, have been proven to kill a wide range of pathogens, including drug-resistant strains.

Touchless Technology

While there’s no replacement for frequent handwashing, the fewer surfaces your customers touch—from doorknobs to faucets—the lower their chances of leaving behind pathogens (or picking them up).


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Consumers are skeptical of public spaces. But 86% said sanitation and air quality can help.